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5 important factors that can impact on video YouTube ad effectiveness

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Increase efficiency of YouTube video ads

Video Ad as form of marketing and communication expression is not always favorite to all marketers but it is very important and one of effective ways in online and certainly in traditional marketing.
Based on experience I am bringing five important facts for thinking before start making video scenario and before making scenery for video production.

Lets start!

1. First 3-5 sec use for brand mention and core message
During your first 5 sec do not forget to mention your brand and to send core message. In very first seconds of your video ad, you have attention of the viewer. If you manage to keep viewers attention in first 5 seconds then you must know you opened one time opportunity. Use it visely. 😉

2. Pick audio background carefully what will totally effect on video ad performance
Audio background (music) is maybe most important segment of video advertisement. My experience based on sales and brand awareness video ads says that video ad with dynamic, fast audio background, great beat, show with high video view rate. Video ads with emotional story can deliver high view rate also with slow audio background. Still, in this case, dramatic audio sounds drive more attentions.

3. Fast scene transition record higher video rate
It’s not always about high res quality video scenes. Based on experience, my opinion is fast scene transitions drive high view rate. With dynamic and great beat audio backgrounds, video ads deliver great viewer attention.

4. Add value for consumer after 5th second of video
Now, we managed to keep viewer attention longer then 5 sec of our video ad, let’s now kick this person to the end of universe. Give him a gift that he/she did not expected. Giving unexpected, add value for viewer, he/she is willing to recommend or do the next step in our sales funnel. Value we are giving to viewer can be benefit if person make engagement, or go to our webshop, comment on video or post, etc.
One more recommendation is to ad captions in your video’s. Do not miss opportunity to send message event in time person is only viewing video without possibility to have audio on his device.

5. CTA - call-to-action
At the end, do not forget to have nice and easy CTA (call to action). Achieve your goal. Call to action can be as single touch point in bigger frame of your digital or business ecosystem, or it can be ultimate goal (sales).

One of my favorite inspirational sites, I recommend to subscribe to it, Think with Google, published article on topic “How to create an effective video ad for every stage of the customer journey”. I found this article very useful and I recommend it for reading. Find it here.

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