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The game of the keywords

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Well, now that I've described what a day in my life looks like, it's time to tell you which aspect of digital marketing is one of the most interesting to me. I'll be direct - it's “the game of the keywords”.

What is a keyword?

Keywords are very important for successful digital marketing. Although they are probably the most important aspect for Search campaigns, they also play an important role in other forms of digital advertising. If you haven't heard of this term before, keywords are words or phrases that you type into a search engine when you want to find something on the Internet.

For example, if you want to improve your business and be present in the digital world, you will most likely enter the keyword (in this case the phrase) best digital marketing agency into your search engine.

If we had an active Google Search campaign, we would probably try to have our text ads appear as the first result of this search. Here comes the interesting part - competing and outsmarting competitors for the top positions on the result page.

How to be first on a search result page?

The Google algorithm ranks sites based on a number of different factors, and that is why it is not so easy to organically get into the first positions of the results for related searches. Also, sites can rank very well on certain searches, while not appearing in the first results at all on other related searches.

Google Search campaigns provide the opportunity to quickly compensate for the shortcomings of your website and to be displayed among the first search results for keywords that you consider to be the most important for your business.

Given that this sounds like a great option for improving business performance, it is possible to conclude that the competition in this field of advertising is in many cases large and very active.

How to optimize Search campaigns?

The task of my team and I is to make a detailed analysis of keywords that have the potential for the best performance in campaigns and to create the most optimal campaign and advertising structure.

Whether the keywords are going to be broad match or it is better to go with exact match or phrase keywords depends on many factors, so this decision is certainly not an easy one. I will tell you more about the forms of keywords and their characteristics in my next blog.

However, analysis and a good structure alone are not enough. It is very important to monitor the activities of the competition and take advantage of the opportunities and minimize the shortcomings of the campaigns. This part of optimization is particularly interesting to me because it provides the opportunity to compete with the competition through different strategies and forms of keywords, and the moment when I see that the optimization of the campaign has given positive results is definitely the icing on the cake.

Do you want to dig deeper in digital marketing?

If you also want your business to play an important role in the digital world and you need an agency for digital marketing, you can contact us with one click here. If you are here because you just found the title of the blog interesting, thanks and stay tuned because more interesting content is coming!

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