We created a viral story and intercepted audience with Google Ads

How we created a viral story and intercepted audience using Google Ads advertising
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A few years ago, we faced the challenge of how to help our partner to achieve better online results in a market where there is a significant number of competitors offering the same or similar services. From the beginning, we were sure that our partner was, above all, competent in his work, even the best, for the reason that we privately found ourselves in a situation where we needed professional help, which we eventually got from our current partner (at the highest level).

The interesting thing is that many people in our region even spell and pronounce the service that our partner offers incorrectly.That's why we came up with the idea to write professional articles (in cooperation with an external professional associate, a specialist in this field) that will be presented to the audience on web portals in understandable language.

By publishing articles on the most visited web portals, we have tried to inform readers about the problem that a large number of people are facing with. In a few months, we gave a “clearer picture” of the problem through numbers of associated articles.

The most important segment and focus of our activity was on a well made structure of Google Ads advertising (Google Search Ads text ads) as well as predicting the behavior of the ultimate targeted audience.

The structure of the Google Ads account through the well placed Google Search text ads clearly determined the conditions that we defined as conversions (phone call, successfully sent e-mail, filling out the contact form, etc.) During the periods of publication of articles on the web portals, we increased the budget for Google Ads advertising in order to respond to the queries of all those who additionally search for relevant terms after they read the published PR article.

The long-planned and prepared Google Ads campaign on the Search network contained high-quality and meaningful texts for each individual SERP as well as high-quality titles that correspond directly to the search query of the audience.

How we created a viral story and intercepted audience using Google Ads advertising

In a period of 4 months, we measured an increase in the number of correctly written searches for the term service offered by our partner by approximately 40% and also an increase in the number of all conversions by 1.100%!

Different advertising periods also affected the number of visits to the website. We analyzed the factors that influenced the decrease in interest in one of the PR articles that was published at the very beginning and thus tried to increase the interest of the potential audience through each subsequent publication. In order to increase readership, we added concrete calls to action and shortened the length of the text of the articles, thus managing to achieve a greater number of visits to the website.

One of the indicators that visitors were interested in web site content was the average time that visitors spent on the website, it was 85% longer! We also reduced the bounce rate percentage by approximately 30%. 

After four months, we gladly concluded that our partner stands out among the competition. The partner was satisfied, our joy was real, because we successfully overcame the challenges we encountered. We have learned that in the ocean of the same or similar products and services, in the right way and with the right strategy, fantastic results can be achieved. 

Those who don't take risks, don't get profit! Therefore, contact us and allow us to help your business grow.