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Discover what social paid advertising is and why you need it!

Discover what social paid advertising is and why you need it FOR FIVE dma blog
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The number of social network users is growing from year to year. The latest data show that 58.7% of the world's population has a profile on one of the social network. The daily increase in the number of users benefits companies, making it easier to find and reach the target group. Social networks contains various tools and algorithms that allows detailed analysis of the money invested in advertising, accurate characteristics of customers as well as those who are yet to become.

Because of the large amount of similar products and services that are advertised, the key role in finding the right path to the customer a creative, unique and effective ad that will attract users attention.


Discover what social paid advertising is and why you need it FB FOR FIVE dma blog

Nowadays, almost every company has its own Facebook profile through which it publishes content about the products and services users are interested in. The number of active users worldwide increased by 24 million in the period from January 2022 to April 2022. Through Facebook advertising, you can reach your audience based on demographics, life events, location, interests and affinities.

Ad placements on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram are presented through the Meta Ads Manager platform where video, image or carousel ads can be promoted on the main page of Facebook, in the Messenger inbox, through promotion on Stories, etc.

Benefits of paid advertising on the Facebook platform:

  • Introduce your products and services to a wider audience and thus gain new users,
  • Develop user awareness of your products and services,
  • Increase the number of activities on your posts through likes and share posts,
  • Encourage users to contact you via Facebook Messenger,
  • Increase the number of visits and activities on your website.


Discover what social paid advertising is and why you need it IG FOR FIVE dma blog

Statistics show that Instagram is in the second place of the most represented social network. More than 500 million people daily use Instagram. If used properly, paid advertising through this social network is an ideal way to promote products and services.

When using the Instagram application, the focus is on interaction and reactions to the content published on the profile. In line with your budget, your ads are shown to the audience you target based on demographics, interests, and affinities.

About 80% of Instagram users make a decision to buy a product or service based on the brand promotions they see on the Instagram platform. Actively posting content on your profile and connecting with your target audience, paid advertising can reach an audience that has never heard of your brand.


Discover what social paid advertising is and why you need it youtube FOR FIVE dma blog

Youtube is a platform that allows you to set up, watch and share videos and thus is an excellent medium for promoting products and services through video content. These are videos that are shown before the videos we intend to watch.

Total number of daily active users on this application is more than 122 million. 84% of products of different brands were purchased after the user watched the video on the Youtube platform.

In order to achieve the desired goals, it is necessary to determine the target group and with interesting content try to attract the viewer's attention and interest him to watch the video to the end. Advertising on this platform gives you complete control over your campaigns through optimization and monitoring during the advertising period.


Discover what social paid advertising is and why you need it IN FOR FIVE dma blog

With more than 830 million users worldwide, LinkedIn as a social network is focused on connecting people in the business world. In order for your ads to appear to the right users, the targeting options are wide. Users can be targeted by age, gender and language, as well as level of education, random experience and skills they possess and companies they are employed. Generating leads allows you to grow your business and build strong brand awareness.

If you are interested in paid advertising on one of the listed social networks, feel free to contact us. We are at your disposal to create and develop your business!