Terms of Use

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Protection of your privacy while using our website is of great importance to us. In the following text we are informing you on our policies regarding personal and anonymous data.

Collecting and processing of personal data

According to the data protection law, personal data will be stored without any restrictions only if you provide it to us, for example by inquiry, giveaway or subscription to the newsletter and if you give us consent to the processing of your data. If you are asked to provide your personal data when using the offered service, then your personal data will not be linked to the data from the access protocol via an already anonymized IP address for the purpose of creating a personal user profile.

Data will not be passed on to third parties outside of this framework - such as directory publishers and direct advertising companies.

Collection and processing of anonymous data

This website uses software to analyze the use of the site. By analyzing this data, valuable knowledge about the needs of users can be obtained. This knowledge contributes to further improving the quality of the offer. The following data record is stored without restriction for each individual access to the page:

  • an anonymized form of the IP address of the computer from which the page is accessed
  • the date and time the page was accessed
  • the name of the page or file being accessed
  • a link to the page through which this page is opened
  • browser incl. the version of the browser used by the user
  • the operating system used by the user

These data are analyzed for statistical purposes. This is exclusively data, which does not provide any feedback about your person. You remain anonymous as an individual user.

In this context, so-called cookies are also used. Cookies are text files, which are stored on the computer of visitors to the website and thus allow anonymous identification of visitors.

This website uses cookies from the Google Analytics System in order to access the website more accurately. Additionally, cookies from Google AdWords and Facebook are used for the purpose of optimized ad management. The data collected in this process is stored exclusively anonymously.

Please note that cookies that are necessary for the functionality of the website are not covered by the European guideline and cannot be deactivated. If you deactivate cookies, an Opt-Out cookie will be stored in your browser to record your deactivation. If you use another browser or other end device, or if you delete cookies, you must deactivate cookies again.