Keeping up with the times (marketing in the time of Corona virus)


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Are you keeping up with the times?

Global damages caused by virus Sars-Cov-2 have affected our region as well. Majorities are avoiding gatherings, shopping is delayed for later times, customers and buyers are staying at home.

It might seem as if the world unnoticeably stopped for a second, but it is much more serious than that. Stop, observe the situation through all the channels and act- now. Think in advance.
Consider how to keep your presence in audiences consciousness, how to maintain contacts with your customers.

If you are staying at home, use your time in the best possible way - improve your knowledge and skills to improve your business.
Technology was never more available and more powerful. Use the power of the digital media.
Everyone is online so your business should be too.

Firstly, stay home, stay safe and keep informed.
We usually don’t recommend ignoring the traditional channels of advertising, however different times - different measures. Now is the time to give a chance to digital media. The greater presence, the better impact and distinction from competition.
However, before jumping in, it is important to figure out who your buyers are - what your audience is like, what are their interests etc.

After defining target audience, make a plan on how to reach them.
And how. Whether you are offering online shopping, delivery, online consultations, classes, trainings, webinars or you just want to maintain brand awareness, figure out one clear and effective message. Use the opportunity of everyone being online and build up your digital media presence.
Even if, before the current situation, you gained great results - it is not time for stopping- use the advantage of well established presence and reach even greater audience.

If you are not sure what will bring out the best results, simply examine your products.
Who is meant to use it? What are their interests?
Don’t hesitate and follow the trends, use Instagram stories, use Tik-Tok as well as more traditional social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Follow your analytics and examine them.
Increase activities that yield best results. Decrease the ones underperforming.

Did you know it takes maximum of 1.7 seconds before your users’ attention is redirected somewhere else. Can you catch and keep their attention? Sounds quite frustrating?

Do not be boring, be creative!

Eye-catching visuals with clear call to action will be more effective then few dozens of words.

Do not forget your website is your ID card.
Optimizing your website is half the job done. If by now you did not have a chance to optimize it, contact an SEO professional and get it done. Great user experience is what we are aiming for, isn’t it?

Keep up with the times and carefully plan each activity.
Update your “about us” sections with the most relevant information: work hours, location, business changes etc.

Be available for your audience and take the time needed to answer their inquiries. You may even find FAQ a great starting point- set it up and see what happens. You can share it on your social media.

Communication with your customers is as important as online presence itself. Converting from online to offline doesn’t have to be difficult to gain. Give a chance to social media and other digital media channels. Do what is best for your business in these uncertain times.