How Google Ads can help you or your business?


Did you hear that the biggest “losers” in advertising during one of the greatest sports events: ”Super Bowl” are the companies that did not have active Google Search (or Bing) advertising campaigns which would show up every time a person would search a product advertised on TV during this EVENT.

We are witnesses to the newly formed situation after pandemic was proclaimed which caused problems and shifts not only in the way companies function, but in the lives of individuals as well.
However, life goes on. The companies, forced by the shifts caused by the pandemic, are looking for new ways for delivering messages to their target audience and in that way survive and possibly improve their products, offers and make their brand a stronger one.

You were probably exposed to paid Google Search advertisements while researching a topic you were interested in. Did you ever wonder how it is done?
These ads are called text ads and you can recognize them by the label in the search results.

Google Search Network (PPC advertising) – is one of the most powerful advertising channels.

Google Search network is offering you, with proper strategic approach, elaborate tactics, constant monitoring and optimization, to reach the audience interested in what you have to offer online or offline.

FOR FIVE dma agency is offering Google advertising while helping you and your company with positioning on Google Search engine and other online platforms, in order for your advertised message to be shown in the right place at the right time - when your audience needs the product or service you are offering.

With well optimized website (SEO Optimization) as well as properly placed and optimized Google Search ads, you should be able to, within a short period of time, see the efficacy of advertising through this channel. Advertising on Google Search engine strengthens your brand and its perceived image, you become relevant, your website better positioned and your reach and visibility increase.

We, at FOR FIVE dma agency, believe that before starting with advertising, during the phase of creating marketing strategy, determining a clear goal is of great importance. Creating measurable audience actions such as conversions is another important step during marketing strategy creation process. Based on these, efficacy of online advertising is easier to measure.

Progressive mindsets, is what saved many businesses during the pandemic as they had their websites/web shops ready, functioning and optimized to the maximum.

For starting Google ads we recommend the following steps:

  • Create a website,
  • SEO Optimization,
  • Open up Google My Business account,
  • Open and activate Google Analytics account,
  • Register and connect Google Search Console,
  • Open Google Ads account or other advertising accounts.

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