Google Display Responsive Ads specifikacije

Google Display Ads – specification for creating ads


Display Ads specification and recommendation

It is recommended to not start a digital display campaign without the primary formats already produced. Primary formats are banners with the following dimensions:

  • 300x250px
  • 320x100px
  • 300x600px
  • 336x280px
  • 970x250px
  • 728x90px

If you are unable to create tailored designs for display ads, we recommend using RESPONSIVE ADS. (preview shown below)

We also recommend using responsive display ads accompanying custom display ads.

Specifications for responsive display ads are as follow:


  • photos (jpg or png) in formats 1200x628px and 1000x1000px
  • logotype (transparent background): 1000x250px and 500x500px


  • Headline not longer than 25 characters, up to 5 headlines,
  • Long Headline up to 90 characters (only one)
  • Description not longer than 90 characters, up to 5 descriptions.

Besides primary formats for custom display ads, we recommend using additional formats:

  • 120x600px
  • 160x600px
  • 200x200px
  • 250x250px
  • 300x50px
  • 300x200px
  • 320x50px
  • 468x60px
  • 970x90px

Detailed specification you can find on the following links:

We also recommend testing custom designed display ads in HTML format, using existing online tools on the links bellow:

Important notes

It is important to note that Google Ads platform does not allow ads (static or animated) to be heavier than 150 kb.
In case of animated ads, they can not be longer than 30 seconds in total (with or without the loop), and they can not consist of clickTag within their code.

Display & Video 360 or Campaign Manager allows the usage of ad banners (static or animated) above 150 kb, but we recommend keeping them bellow 500 kb. Animated banners are not time limited and they can be looped infinitely.
Animated banners have to contain clickTag which is linked to URL landing page.